congregation Pirchei Shoshanim is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation

handmade masks


$5 Suggested Donation each

These masks are made for sizes adult (men/women), teens and kids.

please specify in your order. demand is high, please be patient it may take a few days. styles are limited, we will do our best to provide a pattern if you advise otherwise it will be generic.

if you cannot afford a mask we will donate the mask for free.


in your donation provide a contact number for notification when the order is ready.

we make no claim you will not get a virus wearing these masks. they are for safety and protection if used correctly.



G-d Made You A Jew!

Tools to combat missionaries and to strengthen you judaism. a must have for all jews.

Rabbi Ari Montanari

Shaul Book Cover.jpg

Inspirational Ancient Biblical Names:

The Prophetic Relationship of Male Bible Characters to their Stories

Rabbi Shaul Danyiel


(Non) si può avere tutto - Italiano

(Not) you can have it all - English Coming Soon!

Gheula Canarutto Nemni

EBook Cover 2a.jpg

Read the incredible life of a former pentecostal chaplain that became an Orthodox Rabbi. This is an inspiration to all Klal Israel.