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Toen Rabboni Program

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Dear Shluchim,

In the next few weeks the SHULCHAN ARUCH LEARNING PROJECT will offer a program for one to become a To'ain Rabbani. One has the option of receiving a certificate/Teuda in English or Hebrew. In addition, one may take the Israeli Rabbinut exam. The program will include a video shiur. Having this certificate will give one the ability to bring cases in front of a Beis Din as well as setting up an arbitration and mediation center. It is well known that over 90% of cases are settled prior to going to court. Furthermore, we are setting up a structure whereby licensed attorneys will work with our To'ain, and in addition to the To'ain reveiving immediate experience.

Our goal is to establish an easy access program for all those who need assistance with cases involving Beis Din. We hope to have all the details worked out in time for Parshas Yisro where we learn that even 3300 years ago the cases in Klal Yisrael overwhelmed Moshe Rabbeinu to the point that Yisro told Moshe “You must seek out from among all the people capable, G-d-fearing men, men of truth, who hate gain. You must then appoint them over [the people] as officers of thousands, officers of hundreds, etc.” “If you do this as G-d commands you {to do so}, you will be able to survive, and also this entire people will come to their place in peace.” Shemos 18: 21- 23.

The course will prepare you to take and receive the qualification as a To'ein Rabbani to any Beis Din in the world as well as becoming, as noted above, a center of mediation and arbitration. The Israel office of Shulchan Aruch Learning Project will arrange all the paperwork for all those who desire to take the exam and receive a certificate issued by the Rabbanut.

In Israel, the cases that are brought in front of the Rabbanut State Court are limited to family related issues. Therefore, in many instances one must still go to a non-state run Beis Din.

One will receive two written lessons a week as well as a video. Exams based on previous tests given by the Rabbanut will be a backbone of the course curriculum. The course will additionally present hundreds of previous case precedents and their rulings. This is a historical undertaken never before possible to unite the worldwide Torah Jewish Community in of the most important aspect in living a True Torah life.

We ask that those who would like a live shiur in your community let us know and we will help arrange that, where possible. For more information or to apply, click here or email at, or call 732.370.3344 in the U.S.A. or Bnei Brak, Israel 03 616 6340.

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