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Rabbi Montanari becomes first rabbi in Italian town in over 400 years!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Mondolfo, Italy - For the past 10 years, Rabbi Jeff (Ari) Montanari has been working in his family's home country of Italy, restoring Jewish heritage and building relationships.The past years he has been looking for ways to make an impact in Mondolfo. In 2019 he explored the old closed synagogue as a new community center for the city, for tourism and for the restoration of Italian and Jewish culture and history. In 2020 he was able to start the process to acquire the property and in 2021 he secured the facility.

Now, with the property in hand, Rabbi Montanari is the first Jewish rabbi of this town in over 400 years. Blocked tunnels and a closed facility needing restoration, Rabbi Montanari is the right man for the job to restore the soul with a kosher bed and breakfast facility, coffee bar, museum, yeshiva study and a soul for davening.

Pirchei Shoshanim and the rabbinical team congratulate Rabbi Montanari for his excellent work and kiddush Hashem in the great castle town on Mondolfo.

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