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Rabbi Ari Montanari Installed as Jewish War Veterans Local Commander

Congregation Pirchei Shoshanim assumes new leadership with the JWV

MISSION VIEJO, CA - Longtime veteran and chaplain to the US Air Force, US Coast Guard, OCSD and orthodox Jewish rabbi, Jeff (Ari) Montanari was installed in June 2020 as the new commander for the Mission Viejo/Laguna Woods Saddleback Valley Post 680 by JWV California Department Commander Jerry Silverman. Rabbi Montanari, a passionate local Jewish rabbi has a big heart for the Jewish Nation and a deep desire to bringing a connection back to the South OC through JWV activities.

The legendary Jewish War Veterans of the USA is a patriotic organization for Jewish War Veterans of the United States military. The JWV is an American Jewish veterans' organization created in 1896 by Civil War veterans to prove that Jews have proudly served this country since the Revolutionary Era. It has an estimated 15,000 members, ranging from World War II to current conflicts and active duty personnel. It is the oldest active national veterans' service organization in America. It also was instrumental in the founding of the American Legion.

Post 680 has a long history in South Orange County with a large membership in Laguna Woods. Post 680 also provided veterans support to the VA in Long Beach. As time progress over the years the post membership declined and needed new life. With the addition of Rabbi Montanari and the veterans and chaplains with Congregation Pirchei Shoshanim, new life and a new generation of veterans are reviving a post long forgotten about. Rabbi Shaul Danyiel was installed as the post vice-commander and Rabbi Aharon Cohn the post chaplain. Currently, the post is working with the congregation to provide kosher food to local residents in need throughout Orange County. Due to Rabbi Montanari’s base of operations in Mission Viejo, the post will be headquartered at his congregational location with offices in the area and activities in several locations including Clubhouse 2. The original flags, banners and post flag have been located and after the COVID-19 restrictions are over the post will resume activities, supporting local events and restoring the pride of the JWV in this area.

Pirchei Shul is connected to Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim of Lakewood, NJ which endorses Jewish rabbis into the military as uniformed chaplains. Under the auspices of Rabbi F.J. Todd, whom now has an office in Mission Viejo, is bringing true Yiddishkite to Mission Viejo. And thru his rabbinical semicha program is reaching a global audience with over 15,000 alumni in the yeshiva program. Rabbi Todd, whom also is a descendent of holocaust survivors, has a passion for all Jews and does not leave anyone behind.

For more information or to contact the JWV Post 680 or Congregation Pirchei Shoshanim you can call their office at 949-215-9995.

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