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Pirchei Shul and Jewish War Veterans Donate 100 Turkey’s to the Kevin Dobson Food To Life Program.

Mission Viejo, CA - The Jewish Community Services of Orange County, a 501c3 nonprofit operated by Pirchei Shoshanim, donated 100 turkeys for Thanksgiving meals to the American Legion, and the Kevin Dobson Memorial Food to Life program. With the help of Chaplain DOV Cohen, of the Jewish War Veterans Department of California, these turkeys were identified and quickly able to be purchased and resourced to many veterans in need. Rabbi Ari Montanari, west coast director of Pirchei Shoshanim told the local paper, “that the donation of turkeys came at a last minute surprise and were ordered by mistake from another agency. We were quickly notified that these frozen turkeys were available and purchased them, distributed and got them into the hands of those who would appreciate them within 8 hours.” Rich Encinas, Operations Manager for Food to Life, a program run by the Jewish War Veterans, which offers three gourmet meals a day for free delivered to the veterans home at no cost, he stated, “that these birds will be a big help to many low income and needy veterans immediately. This will give them a wonderful holiday.” For more information about this program you can visit

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