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From the OC to Italy, Rebbetezin Working to Save Lives

As featured in JLife Magazine May 2020

MISSION VIEJO - Pikuach Nefesh, the new reality we have been living in. Mission Viejo’s Pirchei Shul’s rebbetezin, Emily Montanari has been working around the clock making PPE to do just that, save lives! PPE as in masks to protect ourselves from COVID-19 including distribution of masks to the Jewish community in the OC, military and veteran families, senior care facilities, fire and police, hospitals and even to communities including Jewish communities overseas in Italy, who have been devastated by this pandemic. Emily and her team have managed to ship several hundred surgical masks to Italy where Congregation Pirchei Shoshanim is working with local Italian communities restoring Jewish heritage. At home in Orange County, she has distributed over 1000 handmade custom designed masks, including clothes, supplies and kosher food to the needy during this difficult time. Emily has a long history of sewing and she found a way to use her talents to help others. Besides masks, Emily is a big quilter as she designs and gives quilts to military veterans and the elderly. Her efforts, along with many in our community, does not go unseen, as we commend her and all the innovative individuals who have stepped up and found ways to bring life saving measures to all peoples.

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