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Pirchei Shul, an affiliate of Pirchei Shoshanim which is an orthodox yeshiva and a military endorser for chaplaincy into the US Armed Forces, specifically qualified orthodox rabbis. Rabbi Danyiel, a YPS West Coast director, discusses short scriptural lessons based on ancient Hebrew language concepts.  Rabbi Danyiel is an Orthodox Rabbi and is an endorsed military Orthodox Jewish chaplain. Rabbi Ari Montanari, also an Orthodox Jewish Police Chaplain discusses issues between religious faiths in defense of Judaism. He is a graduate of Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim and is also a YPS European & West Coast director. Ari is also a blogger with The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, Arutz Sheva 7 and is active in the research of Jewish historical sites in Europe. And works to spread Torah with Mamash Edizioni Ebraiche - Lubavitch Publishing House. Both are Jewish War Veterans.

our rabbis:
Rabbi Shaul Danyiel

Shul Rabbi

Rabbi Dan Kamzan

Associate Shul Rabbi

Rabbi Ari Montanari


Boker Yaruss

Shul President

Rabbi Shlomo Rizel

Associate Shul Rabbi - Counselor Chaplain

Our Accolades:


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